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“Let them come. Wave after wave, let them come. We'll fight with every ship we can muster. We'll fight if we have to crawl from our ships and chew through their hulls. This is Earth. Our home. We'll fight 'til from our bones our flesh be hacked.”

~ To Defenders of Earth

Wing Admiral Tackwhether Hawkes

Wing Admiral Tackwhether Hawkes is a British Admiral of the Terran Navy. The curious Briton was first to lead an expeditionary force into uncharted space - it was Hawkes' science vessel, Andromeda, that waded into the middle of a Mantis civil war and began our involvement with the Frontier Wars. Through capture, torture, rescue and manoeuver, Hawkes remains unflappable.

Frontier Wars[]

Search for Hawkes[]

Hawkes was placed in command of the science vessel, the TNS Andromeda with a goal of exploring the realm beyond the wormhole to Tau Ceti system. After being caught in a crossfire between Mantis Royal Fleet and Mantis Rebels, he was captured and interrogated in Alkaid Mantis base, located on the northern side of the energy ribbon dividing the system. He was rescued by the Terran marines.

Pursuit of Ker'Tak[]

Hawkes, after learning about the Mantis Rebels from his captors in Alkaid's Mantis base, was bent on pursuing them. Alongside Captain Tom Blackwell, he defended the Rebel resource-gathering operations in Perilon from the attacks of Mantis Royal Fleet, only to discover that their gatherers self-destructed in Alto system. Later, he led a defense operation in Perilon alongside Captain Blackwell, and then attacked Mantis bases in Luxor and Bekka systems. The assault succeeded, but Blackwell was MIA, due to the "black hole" incident that left the captain presumed dead and led to the discovery of Ker'Tak's ship, leader of the Mantis Rebels. Ker'Tak revealed to him that Mantis Royal Fleet set up a trap that created a false wormhole that lead directly to the black hole, and that the proper wormhole was hidden by the Mantis through their installations. Hawkes vowed to avenge Blackwell and destroyed the Mantis installations.

Battle for Ghelen[]

Battle for Orion's Arm[]

Solari Summit[]

Smirnoff's Betrayal[]

Invasion of Earth[]

With the true face of Smirnoff revealed, Hawkes along with Blackwell rushed from Corlar to Sol with a small group of ships, while the Mantis had already started rebuilding their lost bases in Corlar, Xin and Rendar and quickly began their assault on the Terran forward bases in Ghelen. Luckily, Terran forces were able to beat the Mantis to Perilon, giving enough time to re-establish communication with the other fleet defending Epsilon on the other front, and eventually successfully reached Sol.

Shortly before the invasion, Hawkes gave a motivational speech in order to motivate the defenders of Earth and during the final wave destroyed Smirnoff's dreadnought, effectively forcing the remnants of the raiding party to retreat.

Retaliation at Chut[]



The TNS Andromeda science vessel

Before the beginning of the Frontier Wars Hawkes comanded the TNS Andromeda science vessel. After his rescue he was given command of his new modified Missile Cruiser.

He also has his own Carrier, but he never used it during the campaign.


Hawkes gives bonuses to Missile Cruisers, engine speed and a bonus against Mantis ships.