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Solari, Solar
Racial leader
Council of Magistrates
Notable leaders
Magistrate Elan (head of the Council)
Magistrate Vivac (advisor to Elan)
Magistrate Natus (Usurper leader)
Celareon Dominion

“Think of them this way: Our mind, our intelligence, is essentially energy – electromagnetic impulses bouncing around inside a relatively small and unwieldy, although impressively designed, conductor – our brain. The Celareons have been set free from the need for the meat.”

~ Terran Ambassador Brunvand on the Celareons

The mysterious Celareon are believed to possess no corporeal form at all, but are actually pure energy within an armor casing. Celareon ships are highly advanced hit-and-run craft. They are fast and stealthy, and even their tricks have tricks up their sleeves. Utilizing artificial wormholes to launch crippling stealth operations, the Celareons possess an array of defensive batteries to squelch invaders.


From the beginning we had no idea what the Celareons looked like inside those metal exoskeletons of theirs, which enveloped the individual beings like thick leaden barrels. Some of the humans suggested that the Celareons might be extremely weak physically, requiring the exoskeletons as much to appear imposing as to keep them ambulatory. They were obviously a very intelligent race, which evolutionarily tended to suggest a biological creature physically ill-equipped to deal with the dangers of its environment. But if the exoskeletons worn by the first Celareon ambassadors were required for the creatures’ survival, then it must be a materially weak race indeed - after all, humans were not exactly well-equipped to deal with their environment either, but they didn’t have to wear a big gray can whenever they went outside.

The Celareons are beings of pure energy. Obviously, they did not evolve that way-or else why would they need ships? And why the exoskeletons? Initially, these were questions that the surviving ambassadors were unwilling to answer, but we now know the Celareon secret: they require exoskeletons because they are born inside magnetic birthing fields and then immediately transferred into the shell that will act as their body for the rest of their lives - although of course they can change their shell at any time circumstances warrant.

So how could these evolutionary freaks have evolved at all? The best we can work out is that, at one time, the Celareons were biological organisms just beginning to emerge from the oceans of Solari. According to Celareon myth, an ancient, now half-forgotten race saw the intellectual potential of the Celareons and decided to send the new race’s evolution on a quantum jump. They developed and gave to the Celareons the first containment fields that would be needed to hold their young and left a pair of ancients in place to oversee the first several generations of what would be their new creation. Once set on their new path in this artificial way, the Celareons developed into the ultra-intelligent creatures that we know today.



A Celareon Magistrate

Celareon platforms and ships are built chiefly for exploration, with defence as the leading design concern. Their ships are fast and stealthy and not altogether powerful, since war for the Celareons is an absurd disease of unsociability and rudeness.