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Conquest: Vyrium Uprising is the cancelled sequel to Conquest: Frontier Wars. Originally supposed to be released in 2004, it was never completed. A Kickstarter campaign was also started to get fundings for the game's renewed development, but the amount was too small and the project was cancelled.

A playable demo was released to promote the game, which consisted of one campaign mission that demonstrated the new race, as well as some new gameplay mechanics, such as the Nova Bomb or Planet Killers.

Events of the Vyrium Uprising were supposed to take place forty years after the Frontier Wars. It has been a time of peace between Terrans and the energy-based Celareons and banishment to the edges of known space for the insectoid Mantis.

But a new threat has erupted from within. A reptilian race known as the Vyrium have emerged as an expanding power to be reckoned with. Ill content with any form of control, they are now bent on galactic domination.


We stumbled upon the Mantis by accident, the way you might accidentally stir up a nest of hornets. The insectoid race was predatory and seemingly unstoppable. Mankind was nearly destroyed during the bloody Frontier Wars that followed.

We were forced to ally ourselves, with the mysterious Celareons -- energy-based entities with advanced technology but fragile crystalline spaceships. Together we were able to turn the tide of war and drive off the Mantis horde. In the end the Mantis home world was destroyed, and the war came to an end.

Immediately, thereafter the Celareons vanished. There has been no contact since that time.

An uneasy truce has been signed with the Mantis as they rebuild their empire, now led by a new Queen, a former rebel leader named Ker'Tak.

The Frontier Wars ended many years ago, but there has been little progress in building a lasting trust between our two races.

Now, a new threat has arisen. A defenseless civilian outpost on the galactic rim has been completely destroyed. A hostile reptilian race known as the Vyrium launched a merciless attack on the colony and slaughtered thousands of innocents. Something must be done, and quickly.

And why have the Celareons suddenly contacted us after all this time?...

The details of the plot are unreleased, since the game was never completed.