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Corlar is a system located in Ghelen Sector. It is connected by wormholes to Xin, Rendar and Centaurus systems.

It contains only one Earth-type planet, Corlar Prime, which is surrounded by an energy wall that marks the border between the planet's space and the nebula and asteroid fields.


Corlar system is first encountered by the Terran fleet that freed the Mantis Rebel warlord from custody.

Some time after, the Terran fleet destroyed the Mantis base around Corlar Prime and secured the system, then established their own orbital base at Corlar Prime, which also consisted of a court martial building, which determined the guilt of the members of Terran fleet, who were thought to have been guilty of war crimes, subject to Terran military law.

Before the Invasion of Earth, Admiral Hawkes was to be tried in the court martial located in this system, but he was revealed to be innocent. Captain Blackwell and Hawkes reached the safety of the system and rendezvous with the local fleet, after their search for the real traitor Admiral Smirnoff's straggler fleet. Shortly after, the Mantis raiding fleet destroyed the outpost, while Captain Blackwell and Admiral Hawkes hid around the Centaurus wormhole, poised to reach Perilon Sector before the Mantis could.