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Delta Sector is a sector that serves as a bridge between Kappa Sector, Gamma Sector, as well as Omega Sector. It was a focal point in the Frontier Wars, because of its strategic value to both Mantis and Terran-Celareon alliance.


The system was controlled by the Mantis Royal Fleet, most likely even before the Frontier Wars, and it served as a supply as well as production hub linked with the Omega Sector (home sector of the Mantis), as well as Kappa Sector. The Royal Fleet did not control the wormhole to Abell, which was located in the bordering Gamma Sector, most likely because they did not manage to break through the defenses of the Celareon, who were controlling the entire area.

After the fall of the supply facilities in Kappa Sector, the Terran fleet briefly crossed the Northern Ring to Epsilon in order to reach the Celareon territories beyond Abell, where the peace summit was to take place.

Later, the conjoined Terran and Celareon fleets destroyed Mantis installations in Epsilon, after breaking through the Mantis-controlled territories in Gamma Sector, gifted to the Mantis by Magistrate Natus, then established their own bases around the system's planets' orbits. These installations came under constant attack by Mantis and their allies, but they were ultimately repelled, and most of the Delta sector was conquered by the alliance, and then used as a forward base to invade Omega Sector.