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Ghelen is a border system located in Ghelen Sector. It is connected by wormholes to Luxor, Wor, Xin and Rendar systems.

The system contains two Earth-type planets, as well as asteroid and nebula fields.


Ghelen system is first encountered during the Terran Fleet assault on Mantis holdout in Luxor system. Captain Blackwell intercepts an SOS message coming from the Ghelen wormhole, that he quickly orders to be investigated. After an expeditionary unit is lost without a trace, Blackwell himself investigates the wormhole, and after crossing it, he informs the fleet in a distress signal to be a trap leading towards a "black hole", warning everyone to not traverse the wormhole to their apparent doom.

The Mantis Rebel leader Ker'Tak reveals then, that the Royal Fleet hid the actual wormhole as a countermeasure for any intruders that would want to invade the system. Admiral Hawkes' fleet destroyed the Mantis Royal Fleet facilities in Luxor and Bekka that opened the proper path to the system.

Later, the conjoined Terran and Rebel Mantis fleets mounted an operation to take control of Malkor's prison camps in the system in order to gain information about the captured Rebel warlords, which they freed shortly after in neighboring systems. The forces retreated to Wor through Ghelen and then the Terrans established bases around two planets in Ghelen, which served as a forward base to take over Xin and Rendar, and then the remainder of Ghelen Sector in order to prepare their assault on Kappa Sector.