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Kappa Sector or the Orion's Arm is a sector that lies between Ghelen Sector and Delta Sector. During the Frontier Wars, it served as a major Mantis Royal Fleet supply line, until it's destruction by Terran and Ker'Tak's forces.


Kappa Sector was a major supply line point for the Mantis Royal Fleet that managed resource and manpower supplies for both Mantis-controlled territories deep in the Delta and Omega Sectors, as well as the frontier sectors such as Ghelen and Perilon Sector.

After the Terran fleet managed to forge an alliance with the Mantis Rebels, they invaded Lemo and established their base in the system. Later on, the Terrans mustered enough forces in order to disrupt the Mantis operations and secure the area for a brief period of time.

Before the Invasion of Earth, Mantis have reclaimed portions of the territory, most likely using Portal technology to arrive there, but they were swiftly eliminated by Blackwell and Hawkes en route to Corlar.


  • Aeon
  • Graan
  • Kracus
  • Sendlor
  • Kalidon
  • Varn

Appears in[]

  • Lost Sheep
  • Traitor