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The Celareon equivalent of the Terran Troopship, the Legionnaire is extremely valuable in wrestling power from your enemy’s hands. Although it possesses no armour, the Legionnaire can take over other platforms and ships equivalent to its upgrade level. Thus, a Legionnaire with no upgrade can take over unarmoured units. A level 1 Legionnaire can take over light-armoured units, level 2 medium-armoured units, up to level 4, which can take over an Acropolis, Terran Headquarters, or Mantis Cocoon. Note, though, that the Legionnaire cannot take over another Legionnaire, its enemy equivalents (the Terran Troopship and Mantis Leech), or enemy Jump Gates. 


  • None

Special Ability: []

  • Trooppod

Platform Requirement:[]

  • Pavilion
  • Bunker

Resources Needed:[]

Ore Gas Crew C.P
450 150 200 2