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The Portal is a Celareon invention that allows the users to travel from any place into a different system.


The Portal technology was created and developed by the Celareons in order to traverse from one place to another, even if it is located far from the construct's location. It is a massive gate hovering in the space, that allows the user to warp into a desired system, providing that it is known by him.

It was first encountered, albeit unknowingly by Captain Thomas Blackwell of the Terran fleet, which had a form of a rogue black hole. It allowed him to teleport into Celareon-controlled sectors and establish contact with the mysterious race.

Later, Captain Blackwell and the Celareons used this technology to transport themselves into Varn system, right in time to help the Terran and Mantis Rebel fleets repel the overwhelming forces of the Mantis Royal Fleet, which arrived to support the Varn supply base from the Delta Sector against the Terran invasion force.

It was revealed before the Solari Summit, that the Portal technology was still in early phases of its development, when Captain Blackwell was swallowed by its gravitational pull.

After the summit, Magistrate Natus struck a bargain with the Mantis General Malkor, and gave away the Portal technology to him and his Terran ally, Admiral Smirnoff in exchange for peace between the Celareons and the Mantis.

Malkor and Smirnoff took advantage of this technology and used it to transport the Mantis and Smirnoff loyalists around Kappa Sector in order to stall Admiral Hawkes and Captain Blackwell, as well as the Sol system in order to invade Earth, the Terran homeworld. The Mantis seemed to have developed also a measure to transport their ships without a need to build a Forger, instead they were given the blueprints to build a miniature version of the unit inside their own heavy ships.