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Pursuit of Ker'Tak is a storyline arc that takes place after the Search for TNS Andromeda and before the Battle of Ghelen. It spans from mission 4 to 6.


The arc begins with Captain Blackwell and Admiral Hawkes, freshly rescued from captivity in Alkaid, emerging from the wormhole from Capella system in search of the Mantis Rebels in Perilon system. The rebels are encountered gathering resources into the Alto system, and the Terrans, after establishing contact through their translator, support the rebels in their operation. After fending off numerous Mantis Royal Fleet attacks, the rebels allow access to Alto, where the Terran fleet goes. To their suprise, they discover that the Mantis Rebel fleet self-destructed, along with their base. Sensing that a major Mantis Royal Fleet force is coming to Perilon, the Terran fleet retreats towards Capella.


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