Conquest Frontier Wars Wiki

A System is an area that is part of a certain Sector, or a point on the map of the countless systems in the vastness of cosmic space.

System Map

Map of known systems during the Frontier Wars, circa 2200 AD of Terran Calendar

It is connected by at least one wormhole, and always consists of various amounts of planets, asteroid fields and nebula fields. Some systems also have energy ribbons or clouds, black holes, or shipwreck fields.

If a faction controls a certain system, it can also control the wormholes that connect it to neighboring systems, by building a structure known as the Jump Gate, which allows to establish supply lines with neighboring systems, as well as to block any unwanted intruder from crossing the wormhole into one's territory.

Skirmish and multiplayer[]

In Skirmish and multiplayer modes, systems can be randomly generated, by certain criteria the host has set.

The player's starting areas are always systems that contain asteroid fields, as well as two types of nebula. Prime planet will always be Earth-type, and a secondary planet will also be of such type. Rest of them will be random, but if a small amount of planets is generated, it will be most likely a moon or a gas giant.