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Tau Ceti
Number of planets
Asteroid fields
Earth-type planet
Tau Ceti Sector
Connected systems
Sol, Alkaid
Terran Federation

Tau Ceti is a system located in Tau Ceti Sector, the heart of Terran Federation's territory, as well as a direct border to the home system of Terran race. Because of that, it was the first system to be colonized by them. It is connected with Sol and Alkaid systems through their respective wormholes.

The system contains two Earth-type planets, as well as asteroid and nebula fields.


Tau Ceti system is initially encountered by TNS Andromeda, which crossed the wormhole to Alkaid shortly after. After all contact is lost with the expeditionary vessel, the Commander and Captain Blackwell were assigned to be in charge of the search and rescue operation.

The Terran fleet immediately established a forward space navy outpost on Tau Ceti Prime, after learning that the system was scouted by an unknown alien race. After its completion, an expeditionary force retrieved a beacon from TNS Andromeda in the neighboring Alkaid system, which they brought into the Tau Ceti base to investigate.

After that, Tau Ceti served as a primary base for the rescue operation, while neighboring Alkaid's southern areas were conquered and housed a forward base that served as a major staging point for the assault at the remainder of Tau Ceti Sector.

During the Invasion of Earth, the resources of this system were depleted, but the Terran presence remained strong, with the system's planets serving as major colonies of the humanity.


  • In missions 1-3, Tau Ceti 2 planet is not present in the system layout. It appears only during mission 12.