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Earth, Sol
Racial leader
Admiral Halsey (Terran Fleet)
Notable leaders
Admiral Smirnoff (Smirnoff's Rebels)
Terran Federation
Smirnoff's Rebels

“What makes the Terrans special is their glorious need to strive, that cosmic -dwarf complex that makes them over-achieve rather than perish on a harsh planet. With nothing but their colossal brains they have conquered a disastrously hostile environment, so much so that they now take that victory for granted. Especially remarkable is the wondrous variety among the Terrans, the infinite dreams and imaginations among those teeming billions of brains housed in vulnerable flesh. They are a walking contradiction: dreamers and cynics, poets and tax collectors, warriors and peacekeepers. They may not look it, but they are a formidable enemy for the rest of the galaxy.”

~ Celareon Magistrate Elan on the Terrans


It is ironic that the prevailing sentient organism from Terra, a planet no less than three-quarters covered in water, would be a warm-blooded land mammal. The dominant creatures we call Terrans are soft-bodied, finely furred, live-young-bearing creatures who, like their planet, consist mostly of water. Their chief manner of locomotion is a precarious, inefficient bob from one of two lower appendages to the other. They possess no protective shell and go into a mild coma approximately every twenty-four hours. This lack of any natural defence against a hostile and largely uninhabitable (for them) environment has only aided their adaptation of intelligence. Hence, their fragility has become their strength: not only do these weak, flightless, bipedal creatures boast a life span of a shocking 100 to 120 years, but constantly improving technology has made those lives all the more lengthy. A dense, near-impenetrable, top-mounted cranium houses the only truly impressive organ the Terrans possess: their large and heavily folded brain, rivalled only by the all -mind energy- being Celareons.

It took thousands of years for the Terrans to finally bring the small portion of Earth on which they could survive under the rule of one government. The main impediment, of course, was once more the adaptive intelligence and imagination of the species, which habituates men to imagining more and better, regardless of the circumstances.

Since the earliest Terrans developed their first machine - the lever - the keys to human technology are two prevailing and counterbalancing precepts: imagination and functionality. “Does it work? Can it work better?” A man sees that he cannot survive bitter cold, and yet he suffers winters. Whereas other species would adapt hard shells or thick fur coats, man has adapted intelligence to lead him to take a fur coat from a bear. The drive to make things that work better has led him to remain both a constant dreamer and a thorough moderate, so that even today his ships are functional, utilitarian, and even-keeled. If they are beautiful, it is because beauty was a feature someone thought would be useful.


The most balanced of all the races, the Terrans have very capable small, medium, and large ship-to-ship combatants, long-range strike capability, and high-tech special weapons.