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Uncharted Territory is the first mission of the Terran campaign. The Terran Navy sends an expeditionary force into the unexplored system of Tau Ceti in order to locate the lost vessel, the TNS Andromeda and encounters the Mantis for the first time.


The game begins with a cutscene that shows a ship flying through space. Moments later, a Terran research vessel TNS Andromeda under the command of Admiral Hawkes arrives through the wormhole into the Tau Ceti system. Shortly after, the ship seen previously is detected closing in towards the Andromeda. The crew doesn't recognize the ship and prepares the Andromeda's defenses, but the ship simply dodges the vessel. Hawkes is surprised with its behavior, until multiple objects pop up on the radar - they are revealed to be an alien fleet. The TNS Andromeda is ordered to retreat, but is fired upon by the advancing ships and run over by a large cruiser. A beacon is seen hovering amongst the wreckage.

Several hours later, the Fleet Commander is ordered to lead a search and rescue fleet by Admiral Halsey.

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