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Vyrie, unknown system
Racial leader
Notable leaders
“Out of the sand we came

Into the warmth of the sun
Basking in its light.
For centuries we lived alone
Forgotten by the galaxy.
Then came the Sky People
They took away our freedom
And set us to work on tasks we had never dreamed of.
So we waited and grew in strength
And then we fell on our foe
Like a hammer falls on an anvil.
Yearning to be free again,

Strengthened by our goal.”
~ Vyrium Ode to Victory translated by Captain Baker

The Vyrium was to be a playable race in the cancelled game, Conquest: Vyrium Uprising, sequel to Conquest: Frontier Wars.


Little is known about the reptilian Vyrium. The location of Vyrie, their homeworld, remains a mystery, but it is rumored to be a planet of vast, shallow oceans, dry caverns and deserts. The cold-blooded Vyrium are probably descended from Cobra-like serpents that thrive on similar planets across the galaxy. Most reptilian species rarely gather in groups, and the Vyrium seem to be no exception. They appear to be a race of individuals in isolation.

Despite their isolation as a race, the Vyrie seem to be a strong, combative culture not unlike a Roman republic. They seem bent on galactic conquest, though their exact intentions are not yet known. Recent attacks on Human and Celareon outposts have been swift and merciless, leaving no survivors.

The Vyrium seem to admire strength and power above intelligence. Positions of power among their people go to the strong: the mightiest warriors who have proven themselves in battle. But it is also said that the Vyrium possess an untainted nobility and guilelessness. Despite their warlike nature, they might make valuable allies. But this same nature might also be their greatest weakness. Their thirst for glory could well lead to their destruction.




The Vyrium are terrifying adversaries if they can get in close. They favor very slow "get up close and pound them" tactics. To compensate for their lack of speed, their ships have heavily armored hulls. They lack shields, as their immature race never developed the necessary technology. They have very few long-range weapons, and the ones they do have are highly specialized.